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There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different shopping cart systems that can be used on our servers.  Some are free, many are inexpensive, and they offer wide ranges of feature sets.  Simply do a search at Google (use the link above).  If you have a Universal Pipe account, you'll want one that will run on a FreeBSD server without root access.  You can use a search like "freebsd shopping cart" to get plenty of choices.  Universal Pipe accounts support PHP, PERL, and FreeBSD native binary programs.  MySQL is also supported on the Universal Pipe accounts.  Other account types support PERL based shopping carts and will require a shopping cart that will run on Linux or Cobalt RaQ servers.  If your account is on a Cobalt RaQ 3 or RaQ 4 server, ASP/PHP and MySQL are also supported. 

If you have doubts about whether a particular shopping cart will run on your account, please contact our support department by emailing Please, check with us before purchasing any shopping cart software for use with your account.  We are not responsible for any expenses or losses you incur due to incompatible software.


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